Nambucca River fishing beautifully

Nambucca bass king Jai Miller
Nambucca bass king Jai Miller

AS I STAND here a bead of sweat rolls down my forehead and drips on the keyboard – it couldn’t be more different to a fortnight ago. Ups and downs all spring have played havoc on the habits of fish and fisherman in the Nambucca.

Cold wind and cloudy days have been punctuated by miraculous clear spells followed by more wind and rain. This pattern seemed to be never ending and all it seemed to be good for was arranging tackle and working on the trailer … or so they say.

Looking out at the river now I am greeted by brilliant blue water rushing over clean sand flats on the top of a run-in tide, little to no wind, and cicadas screaming in the trees by the river. 

Yep, this is summer, and this is living!

It feels as though nearly everything is on offer when the conditions are this good. Now is a great time to be thinking about some big fish from the creeks as well as getting geared up for the pelagic season set to start around the end of December, but every year they arrive earlier and earlier so better be ready when they show up.

Starting in the creeks, it’s evident some really big flathead are around all the way from the river mouth up to Macksville as quite a few over 70cm have been caught and released (even if you don’t catch them you can see some big indentations on the sand flats in the lower part of the river).

Up under the bridge at Macksville, Luke Ryffel managed to get his personal best flathead – let me tell you he was pretty excited when it came into the boat for a picture. He was giggling and hooting like a little girl (don’t worry, I do the same).

Let me tell you he was pretty excited when it came into the boat for a picture. He was giggling and hooting like a little girl

I have heard reports of good numbers of eating size flathead out at Valla Beach and Deep Creek.

Pick of the lures is by far the Atomic prong in the 3” and 4” sizes.

If you didn’t get around to trying the preda pro trolling rigs last year then stock up on some slimey mackerel, get your wire rigs done, and come grab one for this year’s mackerel run – they are definitely a good way to make a dead slimey look alive again.

So this week is simple … get out, go fishing and enjoy our beautiful area while catching a feed.