Mannequin missing from Clybucca

STOLEN: 'Miss Mani Quinn' was wearing a purple belly dancing dress when she was taken.
STOLEN: 'Miss Mani Quinn' was wearing a purple belly dancing dress when she was taken.

Thieves have stolen a much-loved mannequin from 38 Plummers Lane Clybucca leaving its owners shattered.

The heist, a suspected schoolies' prank, is believed to have occurred on the night of Friday, November 17.

'Miss Mani Quinn', as she is affectionately known, usually stands proud and tall, in full view from the street, overlooking the prized show chickens at Blue Moon Farm.

However, this isn't your standard scarecrow.

Homeowner Ann Edwards is a dressmaker by trade and regularly designs new outfits for 'Miss Mani Quinn' to model.

Mrs Edwards says although protecting the chooks from predatory brids is its purpose, the mannequin also brightens up the lives of passers by.

"I'm devastated," she said.

"Not only am I devastated for me, I'm devastated for all of the people who got so much joy out of her."

Mrs Edwards says the response on facebook and from within the community has been overwhelming.

"I knew a lot of people got joy out of looking at her, but I didn't realise just how many," she said.

"People use it as a landmark.

"People like stopping to take photos of her and the alpacas.

"Some even ask to have a photo taken with her."

Mrs Edwards said even if the mannequin's disappearance is a prank, it's distressing knowing somebody has been on her property uninvited.

"It's a violation of my privacy and it's not right," she said.

The crime has been reported to the police, however the family says there will be no charges laid if 'Miss Mani Quinn' is safely escorted home.

"I just want her back," Mrs Edwards said.

"I know kids are going to be kids.

"If it is to do with schoolies' week, just return it or send a message to someone on facebook letting me know it will be returned because I'm concerned."

If you have information about 'Miss Mani Quinn's' whereabouts please contact Ann Edwards via Facebook or on 0408 623 970.

This story The Macleay’s missing mannequin first appeared on The Macleay Argus.