It's easy being green and seen in Nambucca | photos

WHEN the Guardian News did a shoutout on our Facebook page asking where the biggest green frogs might be found locally, we had no idea what we started.

It seemed almost everyone had photos of frogs large and supersized at the ready – and share them you did on our post.

We even had one frog – a petite little critter – snapped at Katherine in the Northern Territory.

As Kermit would say: “Always be yourself. Never take yourself too seriously.”

Our shoutout for your frog snaps was prompted by the release of a new app which can identify frogs based on the sound they make. 

The free FrogID app, developed in partnership with IBM, identifies frog species by the sounds they make – from croaks and chirps, to whistles and barks. Up to one million Australians are expected to download the app and head to parks, creeks, dams or wetlands to listen for frog calls. 

Enjoy the gallery of your photos.