An MOU with Rally Australia ensures money for repairs

DIGGING IN DEEP: Cars gouged gravel around this tight corner at Talarm Hall
DIGGING IN DEEP: Cars gouged gravel around this tight corner at Talarm Hall

The rally cars have left the valley and the gravel has settled but the post-event dilapidation report puts the estimated damage to shire roads at about $50,000.

This time however it is guaranteed that residents will not be footing the bill.

The mayor Rhonda Hoban said the Nambucca Shire Council and Rally Australia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that clearly sets out the responsibilities of the two parties when the event is in the shire.

“One of the requirements of the MOU is that Rally Australia undertake to either fund or repair public roads damaged by the event,” Rhonda said.

“And if there is disagreement about the cost or the extent of the damage, there is a prevision for the matter to go to the Minister for Tourism and Major Events for determination under the Motorsports (World Rally Championship) Act 2009.”

She said damage to shire roads last weekend included gravel loss, the gouging of inside curves and the need to sweep some pavements of loose gravel.

“There are some repairs that will need to be done as soon as possible – the major cost will be in trucking materials into sites to make the repairs.

“The damage is less than last year’s bill  ($156,000), partly because Rally Australia installed bollards on many corners and the recent rain meant the road surface was more compacted, as opposed to the loose, dusty conditions we’ve had in recent years.”