A bright future ahead for students

NAMBUCCA Valley Christian Community School is gearing up to have its first HSC graduates  by 2018 in a K-12 school much bigger school than just a few years ago. The current Year 11 students recently completed their first HSC exams, in Term 4, as part of their two year HSC program, which began earlier this year in 2017.

During the past few years NVCCS has grown to become the only private K-12 school in the Nambucca Valley. 

Large specialist classrooms have been added, new amenities, several smaller rooms, a block of art/music/drama and general classrooms and a covered outdoor learning area (COLA). Just constructed is a new state-of-the-art library and the conversion of the existing library into primary classrooms. The new administration building has also been completed. 

Additional building plans are in place for a Creative Arts and PDHPE auditorium as their respective programs expand in 2018.

Student enrolments are growing as fast as the school buildings. Alongside the growth in facilities and students, Nambucca Valley Christian Community School are employing more teachers and offering a wider range of subjects. This includes an integrated and differentiated program involving Digital Technologies from K-10, in 2018, as the School increasingly focuses its attention on the teaching and learning process in relation to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 

The Primary School has entered its 5th year as part of the NSW Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan and is seeing great improvements for students in all year grades.

On Monday the second year 11 (current Year 10) began their Preliminary HSC program Term 4 Week 6 this year. Those considering commencing Year 11 with NVCCS are encouraged to contact the School as soon as possible for further information.

“We’re very happy with the new initiatives and excellent facilities, which are in place. We have attracted experienced and highly motivated teachers who lead classes in Mandarin, Music, Commerce, Marine and Aquaculture Technology, Physical and Applied Sports Studies, Information and Software Technology, Drama, Visual arts and Industrial Timber Technology,” principal Jeff Allen said.

“Advanced and Standard English, Extension 1 and 2 Mathematics, Biology, Information Processing Technology, Modern History, Physics, PDHPE, Music, Industrial Timber Technology, Aboriginal Studies, Primary Industries, Textiles and Design, Visual Arts, Society and Culture, Geography, Engineering Studies and Legal Studies are among the subjects being studied by the first Year 11 and 12 students. The School will also offer additional subjects for future year groups. In 2017/2018 the School is offering opportunities for students to work in with providers such as Coffs Harbour Education Campus to allow students to do courses such as Resource and Infrastructure Work Preparation.” 

Providing families in the Nambucca Valley with the option of quality local private schooling and a bright future at a K-12 level have been a priority of the School’s leadership for many years. The School Board and community’s dream in the early 1990’s of a K-12 independent school has now been realised. The School is continuing to take enrolments in most year groups for 2018 and enquiries can be made through the School on 65689311.