Well-loved teddy bear found at Nambucca Heads Service Centre

Somewhere out there is a child who is bearing a heavy load.

This furry little fella was found by Valla Beach local Amanda Williams during the last school holidays at the Nambucca Heads Service Centre.

“I found him in the car park of the service centre where the caravan parking is, so I reckon it probably belongs to a traveller,” Amanda said.

Amanda immediately posted the teddy’s mugshot on every conceivable Facebook page, but said that noone had yet come forward to reclaim him.

She is still hopeful that a reunion could happen.

“He’s quite dirty and doesn’t smell the greatest, but I don’t want to wash him because that smell will be the thing that connects him to the child,” Amanda said.

It’s quite clear when you look at him that he’s very well-loved.

The tearaway teddy was once a light blue colour, with dark blue ears, spots, a faded neck-ribbon, and what is now a defunct soundbox.

Amanda can’t bear to think about what the child is going through and said that her nephew has two of the same toy in case this ever happens to him.

“That’s my advice: if you’re going to give a toy, make sure you have double and keep them in rotation so the child doesn’t know it’s ever been missing,” Amanda said.

“I’m hoping the parents of this teddy have done just that, and it’s not being missed.”

The teddy is becoming a permanent fuzzy fixture in Amanda’s car while he waits for his child to find him.

If you have any information on his owner’s whereabouts, you can contact Amanda via email on goddess_au2004@hotmail.com.