Nambucca River delivers top fishing

WE SEEM to be back to some sort of stable weather at the moment with pleasant days, plenty of sun and the water as blue as ever.

With most people working during the week it has been a little slow out on the river but that doesn’t mean there are no fish about. At the moment you can fish around Nambucca Heads itself and catch most of your target species without travelling too far.

Off the break wall, big flathead are pretty common above 50cm and the run-out tide has seen a few kingfish harassing anglers and busting lines. Whiting are slowly getting thicker with the water temp playing a major role in whether they will bite or not (try the sandy areas around the mouth of Warrell Creek).

A few anglers are trying for a few mangrove jacks but they are playing hardball and either not biting or smashing up you gear like nothing else.

Offshore fishing has been really quiet with a lack of people able to get outside. It doesn’t really surprise me but everything changes eventually and the ability to be able to launch from the beach will return and the offshore fish will be all the better for the break they have had.