Royal Far West is a helping hand at ProAg

Occupational therapist, Ben Rogers
Occupational therapist, Ben Rogers

Starting kindergarten can be a big change for little children.

What isn’t often known however is the ability to regulate emotions is the foundation for learning, paying attention in class and being able to make friends.

Royal Far West is a charity that has been supporting country children for close to one hundred years and helping children with emotional regulation is something they do often.

Royal Far West’s Occupational Therapist Ben Rogers said the capacity to regulate emotion is something that can be taught.

“We like to give parents and teachers a ‘toolkit’ they can use to help children ‘in the moment’ as well as to maintain a calm environment so the child can learn to regulate themselves,” Ben said.

“Often kindergarten aged children haven’t quite mastered this skill yet, and like reading, we can help them learn how.”

Tips for assessing whether your child needs some help are:

- Your child has difficulty managing their own emotional responses and has increased tantrums and is easily frustrated.

- Their tantrums last for extended periods.

- They are easily distracted, show poor concentration.

- Appears lethargic/disinterested, in their ‘own world’.

- Your child prefers to play on their own or has difficulty initiating and sustaining play with others.

- They have difficulty accepting changes in routine.

- Appear less ‘mature’ than other of the same age.

The good news is that Occupational Therapy can help teach your child these skills. Ben will hold free workshops on ‘Building Emotional Regulation’ at ProAg on Friday, November 3 at 10 am and 12pm and on Saturday, November 4 at 10am.

Royal Far West can be found at stand E27-28. For information: 02 8966 8597