Macksville Sea Eagles new committee

THE ANNUAL general meeting of the Macksville Sea Eagles rugby league club has caused some excitement for locals looking towards 2018 and beyond.

With a great platform laid by previous committees and volunteers, the new committee is in a great position to move forward. For many years Macksville has relied upon a handful of committee members, some of whom have been with the club for around 30 years, to run the front office.

Even through these tough times these committees prided themselves by always meeting their obligations to local business and their players.

Bill Richardson is one of these committee members who have been around the block more than once. With Bill, “thank you, ladies and gentlemen…”, hanging up the microphone, the clock, the pen, the sign-on sheet and many other roles he has adopted, the opportunity for others has presented.

Fresh to the committee scene is new president Dean Hillery, who has already demonstrated he can add some spark to the Sea Eagles. He is ably assisted by secretary Marcia Hillery, who has years of office and project management experience. Toddy Bartlett is once again in support with his role as vice-president.

Other new members to the committee include local workhorse Michael Jones, along with young enforcer Jimmy Collison, and his rock Bonnie.

The old heads returning include registrar Peter O’Grady, and Supporters Club stalwarts Craig Doolan and Peter Smith. With an official position at the club as football manager, Danny Doolan will mentor both players and coaches alike.

Another great mentor to both committee, coaches and players is Maurie Lonergan who has also volunteered to assist. Staying on in the Treasury Department is Tracey Spear as is Bernie Spear, young Johnnie Fuller, and Vicki Collison on the general committee.

A change in the guard in the canteen is on the 2018 horizon as well. Long time club supporter and sponsor Donna Cockbain has volunteered as the canteen manager, assisted by her confidante Jodie Young.

While the new committee is larger than recent years, volunteers are always welcome. 

The next meeting for the Macksville Sea Eagles Committee is at 6pm at the Macksville Ex-Services Club on Monday, October 30. The only agenda item for the meeting is the selection of coaches for the upcoming season. Prospective coaches have until 5pm, Monday, October 30, to have their written application in the hands of a member of the committee. See the Macksville Sea Eagles Facebook page – Macksville Rugby League Football Club.