Annual Twitchathon this weekend

October is the time when the birds are most active. With the winter blues now a distant memory, the bush is alive with birdsong. It’s also the best time for birdwatchers (or ‘twitchers’) to be out and about.

To take advantage of all this action, BirdLife Australia’s annual Twitchathon, a race to see how many different species of birds can be spotted in 24 hours (or 12 hours, or 3 hours), will take place this weekend, October 28-29.

Hundreds of birdwatchers across the country will head out into swamps, beaches, gardens and even sewage ponds to see as many different birds as they can, with each team vying for the coveted honour of being the state’s top twitchers, while raising much-needed funds for bird conservation at the same time.

“No matter where you are, you can see birds,” Sean Dooley of BirdLife Australia said.

“But different types of birds live in different habitats, so it’s a matter of going to as many places as you can to maximise the number of species that you’ll be able to see.

“The drought over the past few years has meant that in some areas plenty of inland birds have moved towards the coast, so all the teams are hoping to see a bumper crop of birds this year.”

“It’s really good fun, but it has a serious side as well … many of Australia’s birds are in trouble and by taking part in the Twitchathon, we’re raising funds to help BirdLife Australia take direct action to protect the birds and the special habitats they live in.”

To support a local or state team see all state causes here,