Flathead and jewfish masters of the ambush

THIS rain is what we have been waiting for – it has put a perfect amount of colour in the river for all the action to fire up.

So what to chase? As we all know by now, picking a species and focusing on that is one of the keys to success. I have heard it likened to a shotgun approach or a trained sniper approach. 

When it comes to fishing we want to be the sniper, selecting our target in advance, learning about its habits and preferences then waiting for the correct moment to precisely engage the target while remaining un-detected until it’s too late.

While on my drive to work the other day I noticed a low slung boat working a prominent drain along the main river, now these guys have got the right idea. They were positioned in the flow coming from the drain, flicking lures into an area sure to hold bait, and as we know predators would not be far away. My thoughts were they would be targeting flathead that were hunting bait coming from the drain and using the dirty water as a sort of cover for an ambush.

But there are many species that use this same technique in these conditions – one that springs to mind is the jewfish. Much like barramundi, jewies love a good drain or creek mouth and of course they love a good feed.

When the water is a little discoloured and the day is a little bleak I find a change in lure colour is usually in order and I don’t mind lures with a little extra noise and vibration as it makes them easier to find.

Visibility and presence are important – the fish needs to know it’s there, so bright or contrasting lures, pinks, bright greens and whites are all good especially if they have some contrasting stripes with black, and for good measure a little extra scent like s-factor and pro-cure super gel.