Greening of the greens

Fred Pope reporting: on Wednesday, October 4 the Wednesday Club Selected Triples attracted a field of 30 bowlers. The $10 winners were M. Blackford, A Colbran and M. Boyle. Second place $5 winners were; J. Morgan, H. Oldenhove and G. Hartmann.

Third place, also $5 winners were I. Jones, D. Lean and T. Stokes. 

The lucky loser’s prize went to B. Morrison, W. Gallop and I. Poletti. The lucky bowler was F. You. The jackpot of $240 was not won.

On Friday, September 29 – The Nominated Men’s Triples attracted 66 bowlers. The $15 first prize winners were J. Hunt, G. Tierney and R. Hunt. 

The $10 prize winners were G. Watt, P. Dawe and E. Green. The third place $5 winners were J. Young, T. Reynolds and T. Stokes. 

The winners of the lucky loser’s prizes were G. Stovin, A. Colbran and J. Richardson. The lucky bowler was L. Summers. The jackpot of $300 was not won.

On Saturday, September 30 – the 2017 Club Championship Major/Minor Pairs second round results were – J. Hogarth/D. Cedelland (22) defeated J. DiIanni/G Lawrence (16). O. Smith/N. Pollard (22) defeated B. Miernik/P. Dawe (sub) (18). C. Evans/R. Ridell (24) defeated J. Hunt/R. Hunt (8).

Sunday Bowls – 30 Bowlers enjoyed a morning’s bowls and a BBQ lunch provided by John and Tony.

The $20 winners were Michelle Fredericks, Barry Dodkin and Tony Stokes. The $10 encouragement prize went to Don Lean.

Over 50’s Monthly Bowls - 44 bowlers competed on Monday 9th. Oct. at Nambucca.  Results were winning lead:Ted Price, losing lead: Mick Hardiage, winning second: Gary Bishop, losing second: Ron Gleeson, winning skip: Gary Dallwitz, losing skip: Gerry Watt. 

There were 8 raffles won and the next meeting will be at Macksville on November 13.