Coffs Coast SES launches 'Volunteering Reimagined' recruitment drive

With the storm season underway, the NSW State Emergency Services (SES) has unveiled new opportunities for locals to volunteer to help build greater community resilience in severe weather.

The Nambucca Shire Council formally endorsed new NSW SES Coffs Coast local controller Maurice (Bill) Roffey at their last council meeting in Scotts Head and thanked former local controller Peter Shales for his dedication.

As the first move in his new position Bill is launching the new ‘Volunteering Reimagined’ initiative which allows more flexibility as well as different options for people to get involved with the service.

Bill said this new program taps into the wide range of skills within the local community.

“The purpose of ‘Volunteering Reimagined’ is to broaden the capability of the NSW SES across the Coffs Coast and provide more opportunities for people to join us,” Bill said

The Coffs Coast includes SES Units at Macksville, Urunga, Bellingen, Dorrigo, Coffs Harbour and Corindi.

More people are wanting to help their communities but often feel they can’t because they are time-poor or believe they do not have the physical capabilities to do some of the emergency tasks that the NSW SES often responds to.

Bill Roffey

“As part of this new initiative we have introduced three new categories of volunteering in addition to our existing core unit members.”

New categories of volunteers include Community Action Team (CAT) members, corporate volunteers and spontaneous volunteers.

CAT members will be a group of people or individuals who join a designated CAT and can be tied to a geographical area or a specific functional role.

Spontaneous volunteers will provide assistance to the NSW SES in a temporary way, usually in response to large disasters, while corporate volunteers will be employees of companies that have partnered with the organisation while their employer provides volunteer leave for workers to contribute to the NSW SES.

The SES has also made changes to its existing volunteer membership policies to allow greater flexibility in how these members volunteer their time.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you have a few hours or a few days to spare each year, you can get involved with the NSW SES and you don’t necessarily have to be out in the elements battling mother nature.

Bill Roffey

“Whether you’re doing those front-line roles or providing assistance in a supporting role such as catering, logistics, intelligence gathering or community engagement, there is a place for you with the NSW SES.


“With the storm season upon us, there has never been a better time to volunteer with the NSW SES.

“Whatever your background, location and skill-set, there is a place for you to join us.”

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