High standard of stand out art prize

The breadth and depth of works which came from far and wide is testament to how the prestige of the Nambucca Valley Art Exhibition has grown.

This year’s offering of 350 works was among the exhibition’s biggest so far and Nambucca Valley Arts Council President Celia Ramsay said she was thrilled with the high standard of the showing.

The winner of the $1000 Betty Crocker Champion Prize for ‘best work in the exhibition’ was Fauve Afternoon by Tonya McIver and Ray Rixon.

Judge Niomi Sands, from The Glasshouse Regional Gallery in Port Macquarie, said she was drawn to the work as soon as she entered the room.

“The expressive use of colour, vibrant palette and mark-making, draws the viewer into the painting … the further back you get form the work, the more it draws you in … you can almost lose yourself in its energy,” Ms Sands said.

As well as paintings, there is a craft section which includes ceramics, sculptures, fabric items and fused glass. Plus a drawing section, youth art and photography … there is something for everybody!

And don’t forget to give your vote to your favourite work in the People’s Choice. 

After a very successful opening night on Sunday, the Exhibition, which is at the Nambucca Community and Arts Centre, will be open daily until next Sunday, October 1. Entry is $3.00.

List of winners:

Best in show

37. Fauve Afternoon, acrylic by Tonya McIver/Ray Rixon


S1 First Prize

52. There’s Always a Catch, oil by Robert Roberston

S1 Highly Commended

12 The Progress of Silence, Gregory Coates

S1 Commended

30 Rosellas, Brian Irving

47 Palms of Summer, Ruth Randall-George

34 Elswick Sunset, Linda Lockyer


S2 First Prize

64. Rock Fall After the Flood, Joan Couch

S2 Highly Commended

79. The Proposal, George Partos

S2 Commended

83.Deep Creek Reflections, Jenni Urqhart

71. Old Barn, Dawn Lewis


S3 First Prize

120. Days End, Carol Simons

S3 Highly Commended

116. Mist on the River, Yamba, Celia Ramsay

S3 Commended

86. Peel River Nundle, Brian Barker

109. Tall Poppies, Maddalena Piola


S4 First Prize

128. Fire on Bluff, Myffie Coady

S4 Highly Commended

146. Surfie Line, Chris Hundt

S4 Commended

131. Mosaic, Joan Crouch

123. Last Dance, Brian Barker


S5 First Prize

173. Gotcha, Jill Cairns

S5 Highly Commended

183. Cool Waters Verona Lucas

S5 Commended

172. Fresh Water Creek Shadows,  Ivinnie Brown


S6 First Prize

199. Antipodiean Ephemera, Peta Coe

S6 Highly Commended

223. A Kakadu Billabong, Audrey Williams

S6 Commended

212. Faithful Friend, Colleen Myhill


S7 First Prize

226. Swimming Creek from the Bridge, Betty Colbran

S7 Highly Commended

227. Cool Waters Taylors Arm, Penny Craig

S7 Commended

230. A view of Nambucca, Eleanor Holliday


S8 First Prize

252.Fourty Winks, Stewart Hambrett

S8 Highly Commended

257. Dreaming Dieter Kloeckner

S8 Commended

256. Untitled, Lesley Hughes


S9 First Prize

272. Street Scene Iran, Eleanor Holliday

S9 Highly Commended

283. Crab Country, Gary Rumbble

S9 Commended

275. Wellington Rock Shapes, Janie News


S10 First Prize

301. Empty Nest, Christine Hogan

S10 Highly Commended

305.Shelly Beach, Julie Mozsny

S10 Commended

295. Hang On, Rita Carosi


S11 First Prize

339. Self Portrait, Kellie Tsujimoto

S11 Highly Commended

341.Gaze, Kyran Tsujimoto

S11 Commended

334. Chain of Dreams, Noah MacKenzie

S11 First Prize

315. Picasso Cat, Maya Gosby

S11 Highly Commended

325. Fairy Window, Taj Stainsby

S11 Commended

323. Bridge over Lilyponds, Ellie Poiderin,


S12 First Prize

363. Wood Fired Vase, Jeff Wainwright

S12 Highly Commended

351. Red, Michaela Kloeckner

S12 Commended

360. Coral Bowl, Cheryl Stevens

S12 First Prize

349. Owl, Torben Jensen

S12 Highly Commended

344. Pelican, Wanyne Dayman

S12 Commended

347. Red Centre, Lorraine Francis