Letter: Low act at Rusty Iron Rally at Macksville

ON THE Saturday afternoon of the Rusty Iron Rally I took some bags back down to my ute which was parked in the third row from the drain, just after 2 o’clock.

I unlocked the door and put the bags on the floor and then locked the door again and checked around the vehicle and went back up to the main area at 2.15pm to the stalls and the main ring.

At 4pm or a bit after I went back down to my vehicle in the car park and I saw two wheels on the left hand side were flat. Then I went around to the right hand side and saw both tyres were flat.

The culprit took the valve caps and screwed the valve cores out to let the air out of three of the tyres and for the fourth tyre, threw the valve core on the ground (eventually the valve core was found).

A woman came to her car and I went over to see if she had a mobile phone to ring the NRMA and she said it was nearly flat from taking photos all day. The next person I saw was taking his tractor but didn’t have an air hose to help me.

It was third time lucky when when Wayne and Lynda came along and they helped me out with his truck and had an air hose and gauge to blow all of my tyres back up so I could get home and back into town for the dinner that night. Thank you both for your help.

Anyone who saw anything happening between 2.15pm amd 4pm – I would like to know, as this person or persons is a low life and has shown a lack of respect for other people’s property. And they have shown no remorse.

I hope the same thing happens to them one day – and see how they like it.

This act of vandalism sort of breaks my heart and I hope they get caught in a similar situation one day and are left stranded.

My vehicle is a white Toyota Hi-Lux that you let the tyres down on. You could own up to doing this or are you a coward?

As they say in the Bush, what goes around comes around and it might just bite you in the butt. I hope it gets you eventually for what you have done.

Anyone who has information on the above matter – I would like to know, even if you have a description of the person or persons concerned in this incident as further action can be taken.

Malcolm Robinson