HIPPY gets results in helping Nambucca Valley families prepare for school

One year after the program was launched, HIPPY is already achieving amazing results in the community.

The Nambucca Valley HIPPY (Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters) program, coordinated by Nadia, is one of over 100 such initiatives across the country which aim to prepare mums and their four-year-olds for the big step up to school.

“I heard from a few teachers from different schools in the area that those kids who have done the HIPPY program are more ready for school,” Nadia said.

Paid staff at HIPPY are parents from the group who also have the opportunity through the program’s funding to take on tertiary education courses, preparing themselves for further employment. 

WATCH: the highlights from HIPPY’s ‘nature and community’ event

The program is fully-funded, making it free to enrol, and has a strong community tie-in with other relevant service providers in the area.

“We’re seeing a difference in the community where we’re bringing different service providers together and creating this culture of ‘lets all work together and lets support our community’,” Nadia said.


The program is ideally designed for disadvantaged families, and Nadia encourages Indigenous families and those supporting disabilities to participate.

However, she also said that she is happy to work with any family in the Nambucca Valley who has a child of the relevant age.

For more information contact Nadia on 0457 160 138 or email hippycoordinator@miimi.org.au