Fisherman's mystery basked in the Nambucca River

DAY by day it seems Mother Nature is messing with us. We get to feel spring easing on slowly, warming everything up … then before you know it we are thrust back into a winter day with wind out of the south that will put a chill right through you, then the next day can be 30 degrees plus!

Imagine how the fish feel. With the weather being so changeable some species just get a case of lockjaw.

Whiting will be enjoying the rising water temperatures but as soon as that southerly hit, they can turn their noses up at even the juiciest yabby or worm.

Flathead are playing the game and slowly making their way downstream and most attempts to chase them will be rewarded with a couple of tasty fillets ready for the pan, well… nearly ready.

I have heard from a few avid bass fishers and some really nice fish have been caught – very fat fish playing up like a chubby comedian. So it’s been plenty of laughs when Burnt the Bass shows up as they are the machine of the freshwater!

While searching around upriver, a few sneaky jewfish have come unstuck and surprisingly they have been eating soft plastics aimed at bass and flathead. It just goes to show that anything can turn up in these dry conditions.

It really can be a bit of a mixed bag wherever there is bait-fish present – jacks, trevally and estuary cod are all on the cards upriver.

So my advice is to fish slowly and confidently and you will find some success.

At least that’s what Riley Reckons this week.

  • Researchers from five States are collaborating to develop an international best-practice method to accurately determine the total weight of carp in Australia’s waterways. Invasive European Carp are now endemic.