Two grassfires in Missabotti still being contained by fire crews

Fires crews are still working on containment lines at the two Missabotti fires which sparked up at lunchtime yesterday.

“We’ve still got crews there, and we’ve still got active fires there,” Zone Manager for Lower North Coast Superintendent Lachlann Ison said.

“The Missabotti Rd fire is taking another run at the moment.”

That fire was the first one to ignite yesterday at 1:30pm, and only an hour later crews were forced to attend to the second fire on Bellingen Road.

Two crews worked through the night to stop the fires from spreading to nearby properties.

“It's not that normal to have crews work all night, but there were properties under threat and we had no choice,” Superintendent Ison said.

The charred perimeter around some properties along Bellingen Rd comes to within a few metres of the houses there.

“At the height of it, we had 20 units and around 70 people working,” Superintendent Ison said.

13 RFS crews from the Nambucca, along with three Nambucca Fire and Rescue crews, four RFS crews from Bellingen, and 2 National Parks crews were called upon to help.

David Darby who lives within half a kilometre of the fires said he wasn’t surprised that so many crews attended.

“There’s a lot of smoke around at the moment,” David said.

But he said the only information he’d received about the fires was from the Guardian’s report last night.


“I’ve been here since ‘91 and we’ve had a few fires up here in that time,” David said.

“There’s only one road in and one road out.

“We’re pretty well equipped with hoses, but if it looks bad we’ll just go.”