Letter: We don’t want our street name changed

RE WARRELL Creek address changes article in last week’s Guardian.

In response to the article, the original petition was from 22 out of the 23 residents who currently live on the Pacific Highway and are directly affected by the renaming (one resident could not sign as they are a council staff member).

Those who signed the petition do not want Giinagay Way as their address; it was only brought to our attention in 2017 that the decision was made to take the current road onto the roundabout at the Bald Hill intersection, which is ridiculous.

It was my understanding that councillors are elected to represent the community, not their own opinion. I appreciate the councillors who supported the motion and am very disappointed with the ones who ignored the community’s request. 

Also I would like say to councillor Wilson, our private addresses are more important to us as residents than council’s marketing and tourism opportunities as you stated at the meeting.

I still believe having a different name for the section of road from Browns Crossing to the Bald Hill Intersection would distinguish the area and greatly assist emergency services.

Neville Sutton

Warrell Creek