Nambucca High students play with clay

Year 11 Ceramics students at Nambucca Heads High were asked to research an artist of their choice. They then created thumbnail sketches of a portrait bust illustrating the concept and how it related to the artist.

Students completed the busts using clay as the medium and decorating them taking inspiration from their chosen artist. 

Gabrielle Hall was inspired by Asian artist Ah Xian, who used Chinese symbols and motifs on porcelain busts. Gabrielle used images from her environment, such as the V-Wall to decorate her portrait bust. Tasman Malouf also chose Ah Xian … choosing to go with simplicity using white gloss glaze. 

For Kirralee Cunningham it was Frida Kahlo - the hole in the head of the bust symbolises Kahlo's suffering from physical disabilities for most of her adult life after breaking her back during a tram crash when she was 19 years old. Olivia Desic went for pop art’s bright colours and shapes. Ellie Argent was inspired by Modigliani's elongated forms and Aedon Hudson used a combination of concepts. The busts are on display in the front of the school’s office.