Nambucca Strikers North Coast Football premiers after 2-nil defeat of Corindi | photos

NAMBUCCA Strikers today capped a near perfect season to defeat Corindi Breakers and win the North Coast Football men’s 2nd division south premiership at Coffs Harbour.

The Strikers opened their campaign with deadly intent – measured, quick touch movement through the mids, controlling possession.

Breakers’ counters were diffused by either panicked long range shots by the northerners or scurrying, determined Nambucca defenders.

The momentum and pressure told, as Nambucca went to the break 2-nil to the good – with Mark Williams and Carlos Justo brilliant in midfield, while Ethan Hocking was just too much to handle for Corindi.

Clay Urquhart was ever threatening, timing his incursions to perfection, while Nick Hickey roamed up front as a constant threat.

After the break the Strikers continued to attack for the first 10 minutes before ‘parking the bus’ and putting the Breakers in a sleeper hold.

A deserved premiership for a team which freely acknowledged their supporters who had travelled from Nambucca, and had for the most part, followed their journey across the season.

Enjoy the photos.