Australia Post announce price adjustment as of October 2017

Australians will be forking out a few more coins to send Christmas cards to family and friends living in New Zealand and Asia-Pacific this year.

Australia Post announced a price increase for a range of domestic and international services as of October 2. 

Postage for domestic parcel products and services; express post parcels, letter products and services; international letters, products and services; mail redirection; mail hold services; unaddressed mail services and registered post imprints will be impacted by the price adjustment. 

An announcement on the postal service’s website on Monday said the postage rate for international seasonal greeting cards in November and December will decrease by 25 cents for letters being sent anywhere in the world outside of New Zealand and Asia-Pacific

However, sending Christmas cards to New Zealand will cost an extra 30 cents and customers will be forking out an additional 20 cents to send mail to the Asia-Pacific.

The online statement said the price to send cards domestically will not change.