Artistic immersion will be the weekend's fare

SPIRITS OF THE MISSABOTTI VALLEY: Margrit Rickenbach, Diana Trilsbach and Nelli Gallop-Brennan
SPIRITS OF THE MISSABOTTI VALLEY: Margrit Rickenbach, Diana Trilsbach and Nelli Gallop-Brennan

Fresh ideas are blooming around the valley, along with the wattle … especially in Missabotti where planning is underway to bring artists, musicians, craftspeople and those who appreciate their talents together on the October Long Weekend.

Blending ‘art and soul’, the Spirit of the Valley Festival will see a weekend of creative collaborations in the Missabotti Hall with an art exhibition and evening of music on Saturday, September 30 and a craft market on Sunday, October 1.

Market coordinator Diana Trilsbach said the hall itself was such a wonderful facility that lent itself to something creative.

“We want to bring people together and see how it goes ... if it goes well, it would be wonderful if it continued,” Diana said.

Margrit Rickenbach is organising the exhibition and has already sent out quite a swag of invitations.

“The exhibition and the evening are an opportunity for people to exhibit and perform – it is not a competition … rather it is about coming together to share the experience of all our skills, it is about creative fun,” Margrit said. 

The weekend will be an artistic immersion, from the giant lanterns that will welcome visitors to Missabotti Hall, to the evening with its art and music, followed by the craft market on Sunday, which will feature hand made, home made or home grown, as locally as possible.

Musical director Nelli Gallop-Brennan said musicians would have 20 minute performance slots and some spaces were still available.

“The event is entirely community-driven, the hall has donated the space and 10 per cent of sales will go back towards maintaining the hall itself. It is such a beautiful space, here is an opportunity to use it,” Nelli said.

Market stalls are $10, $15 if chairs or tables are needed. There will also be buskers and a canteen, serving plenty of local delicacies.

For information or to register phone Margrit 6564 7067 (exhibition), Nelli 6564 8000 (music) or Diana 6564 7142 (markets).