Letter: Highway noise at Valla Beach

WITH reference to the Pacific Highway noise problem at Valla Beach and surrounding areas (Guardian News, 20/7/17), due to the duplication of the highway, the so-called EAP testing is flawed, because when the duplication commenced, several large stands of trees which provided some noise relief on the old highway, were removed and have not been replaced.

As a result, noise from the duplication of the highway has increased to the degree that it is affecting the amenity of local residents, which must be taken into account.

I am concerned that the RMS is reluctant to admit that their testing is flawed and why noise barriers, such as those installed at, for example, Kew and Buladelah, cannot be installed at Valla Beach.

The bureaucrats who sit in their ivory towers need to wake up and, at least, re-test the noise levels at Valla Beach.

When the Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads duplication is completed, the situation will only get worse, especially for residents in other towns in the Nambucca Valley.

We live in hope that the RMS will take proactive action – something I doubt will happen.

Dick Sheldon, Valla