NSW Parliament has an opportunity to hear from an expert

With the debate on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 expected next month, members of the NSW Parliament have a unique opportunity to hear from an expert and ask questions about how assisted dying laws that give terminally ill patients the right to choose when they die operate in the United States.

Dr Leigh Dolin was President of the Oregon Medical Association at the time that Oregon’s assisted dying law was formulated and enacted, more than twenty years ago.

Dr Dolin was invited to Australia by Andrew Denton’s pro-euthanasia organisation, Go Gentle Australia, and has spent the past few days in Melbourne speaking in support of the Victorian voluntary assisted dying legislation.

Dr Dolin will visit Sydney this Friday, and will address MPs at a private information session at Parliament House, hosted by Dying with Dignity NSW.

Like the proposed Victorian bill, the NSW bill is based on Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act (1997), albeit with additional safeguards.  

The presentation and Q&A will provide an opportunity for MP’s concerns to be addressed, including any misgivings about unintended consequences.

“With notice of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 having been given in the NSW Legislative Council earlier this week, Dying with Dignity NSW are pleased that Dr Dolin has thrown his support behind the new legislation,” Dr Sarah Edelman, President of Dying With Dignity, said.  

“We are pleased to see our parliamentarians engaging with this important issue, given the high levels of community support for legalisation of voluntary assisted dying.”