South Arm Fire Brigade to help Nambucca residents get ready

A FIRE awareness day will be held at the South Arm Fire Shed at South Arm Rd, South Arm, at 3pm on August 27.

Belinda from the Rural Fire Service headquarters in Macksville will be there to give a presentation.

All new and established residents are encouraged to attend as local brigades have been warned that this coming fire season could be difficult, so it would do well to be prepared.

Residents will have the opportunity to meet the South Arm members, and have the chance to familiarise themselves with the fire shed and possibly become active members.

However this is not the reason for the meeting – it is more about being ‘fire ready’ and safe for the upcoming season.

The brigade will host a barbecue and all are welcome to enjoy.

For inquiries, call Gail 6564-7568 or Bob 6564-7510.