Giant tailor making their way up Mid North Coast

THIS LAD CAN FISH: Jai Miller with a trophy jewfish

THIS LAD CAN FISH: Jai Miller with a trophy jewfish

WE HAVE got a true kick in the backside this winter – I live a little way inland and Jack Frost is visiting us on most clear mornings.

Yes, getting out of bed is hard on these cold mornings, especially before first light, but nothing worthwhile is easy. As with anytime of the year, getting out early is important as that first light period until the sun rises is often prime time for a whole host of species around the area – jewfish, tailor, salmon and snapper all get up early and take advantage of the low light.

How many times have you been fishing early in the morning and noticed that the action dropped off once the sun got a little height over the water? Once the sun rises the baitfish can see the predators coming and they hide, the predators no longer have the element of surprise so the jig is up!

The next reason I think is that no matter how big you are, in the ocean there is always something bigger! So the fish that we think are the hunters can also be hunted. Jewfish and snapper are two species that are quite spooky and timid once the sun comes up – maybe because they are always looking over their shoulder.

I have heard reports this week that some giant tailor are on their way up the coast – fish of 5kg. I have only seen one 5kg tailor before and it launched out of the water with my 135 rooster pooper all the way in its mouth – needless to say that didn’t end well as it’s scissor-like teeth made short work of my 60lb mono leader. Now as much as don’t like wire on my rigs I probably would have landed that fish if I had a trace, but I just put it down to the fact I wasn’t winding fast enough (if I was winding faster I may have just hooked it in the mouth rather than down its throat).

If you are hunting that nightmare tailor prepare for it as they will find any weakness in your tackle and your mental fortitude.