Bats at Nambucca on the nose: Letter to the editor

WELL, the council is going to spend $34,200 cleaning up after the flying foxes so they can open it up to the public. May I ask how long will the clean up last and how does council plan to stop the bats from messing everywhere before they have to spend another large amount for another clean up?

Is it going to be a yearly thing or only when council can get grants?

Already we have the Gordon Park tennis club and a motel complaining, and we also have planned a new block of units opposite Woolworths right next to the problem.

Are we going to expect our visitors to put up with the noise, the mess and the stink?

The money would be far better spent on the potholes or the much needed repairs to some footpaths. We have to encourage these bats to go elsewhere then spend the money to clean up. 

Neville McDonald, Nambucca Heads