Nambucca Heads CWA weighs in at State Conference

Exacting standards

Exacting standards

NAMBUCCA Heads CWA branch is delighted that the Mid North Coast Group of CWA won first prize at the State Conference with handicraft.

Three items, a Brazilian embroidered evening bag, a cross stitch in various shades of purple, framed, and a beautiful baby shawl were the items contributed from Nambucca Heads.

Branch cookery saw first places to Joan Bagnell for rhubarb and ginger jam, orange marmalade and sultana cake, while Belinda Williams gained second place with sultana cake.

Port Macquarie hosted a fact day, finger limes and quandongs. Recipes for finger lime and white chocolate cheesecake, and quinoa salad with finger limes were produced, while a no-bake cheesecake with finger limes proved popular and indulgent!

Meanwhile, Nambucca Heads CWA members enjoyed the classical selections played on the piano at a concert by Phyllis Rea-Lloyd. The inspiring choir was heavenly.