COMMENT: Getting rid of all that was great about Oz

AM I missing something or are all of us Aussies going mad?

Everyone knows that the most cost efficient and reliable means of generating electricity for our homes and industry is through coal-fired power stations.

We have an abundance of coal in this country, much of which is exported to overseas countries like China, Japan and India. These countries are so grateful for our coal that they are building hundreds of new coal-fired power stations. We on the other hand are pulling ours down.

The amount of carbon dioxide sent into the atmosphere from Australia would not equal a minute percentage of the above countries so how are we supposed to save the planet by dismantling our coal-fired power stations?

We have some of the world’s largest and best deposits of iron ore here in Australia. Once again we export a large percentage of our mined ore.

With such an abundance of this commodity why have we, to a large degree, stopped making our own steel?

We decommissioned our largest steel making plants and now import from China, what we used to make. They of course use our iron ore.

We have an almost endless supply of natural gas in Australia. Much of it is extracted from the ground and sent overseas. Why can’t we extract sufficient gas to satisfy our own needs as well as exporting to other countries?

Why have we almost completely stopped refining oil in Australia? Once again we seem to be happy to rely on some overseas country to do this most important task for us.

We in Australia seem to bend over backwards to be seen as being on a ‘level playing field’. I assume this is why we have told some of our farmers to dig from their properties fruit trees so that we can import the very same product from goodness knows where overseas.

Of course the farmers are put out of business as apparently it is more important to our leaders to be seen as fair players than worrying about a few thousand Australian land owners who overnight become reliant upon the welfare system instead of paying taxes.

This policy does not stop with fruit trees as all manner of fruit and vegetables are now imported.

We seem to have an element in this country who have not only influenced the thinking of our leaders but have infiltrated our political system and will not be happy until they stop our mining, manufacturing and agricultural enterprises.

They don’t want us to grow anything, make anything, or mine anything, and if they are allowed to continue on their present path we will, in time, become a Third World country.

When going to school in the 1940s we were told that we were fortunate to live in this wonderful country as we were self-sufficient. Somehow since then we seem to have lost our way.

What ever happened to our self-sufficient country?

It seems that the ‘squeaky gate’ brigade has taken over.

Please all true blue ridgy-didge Aussies, wake ip and make your voices heard.

Brian Smith, Macksville