'Incredible' sighting of Migaloo off Mid North Coast | video, photos

Breathtaking, incredible, exciting and lucky.

Migaloo made a surprise visit on Saturday when he appeared to ‘play’ with two whale watching boats off the Port Macquarie coast.

Port Jet Cruise Adventures’ Jodi Heeney said Migaloo’s visit coincided with two trips for the crew and whale watchers.

“We actually saw him on both our timeslots,” she said. “Everyone was just surprised that we got a glimpse of him.

“Both the boats were out at the time and we were observing from the correct distances when he decided to swim underneath our wave rider boat.

“We didn’t have any warning that he was on his way up (to the surface). I don’t know what it is, but there is a genuine high level of excitement around that whale.

“It was just the most magical thing for the all of those onboard.”

Ms Heeney said when both boats returned to the dock the people were ‘buzzing’.

“It was very, very special. It was an opportunity of a lifetime,” she added.

It was very, very special. It was an opportunity of a lifetime.

Jodi Heeney

Migaloo’s visit to Port Macquarie tops a remarkably good season for whale watching off the coast.

The excellent weather conditions, favourable seas and plenty of whales have made for a bumper season.

Migaloo is Australia’s most well-known humpback whale. When he was first sighted he was the only known all white whale in the world, according to information on www.migaloo.com.au

As he migrates up the east coast from Antarctica to the warmer waters of North Queensland, his distinctive all white colouring allows people to report sightings.

Up until 2011, Migaloo was thought to be the only all white humpback in the world but footage emerged of a 100 per cent all white baby humpback calf. This new white whale unofficially named MJ (Migaloo Junior) has amazed and delighted people from around the world.

Migaloo is protected under Australian law and is part of the Australian East Coast humpback population.

Migaloo facts

  • All all-white humpback whale was photographed passing Byron Bay on June 28, 1991.
  • At the time, it was the only documented record of an all white humpback whale in the world. It was named Migaloo. This is the name the Australian Aboriginal community in Queensland use to describe a white fella.
  • Migaloo is an adult male who we believe was born in 1986.
  • Migaloo is suspected to be an albino whale, but without definitive evidence for the moment he is known as a hypo-pigmented humpback.
  • Migaloo is part of the east Australian humpback population, now suspected to number around 15-17,000 individuals in 2012.