Adelaide to Brisbane charity run raising a million dollars for Australian Butterfly Children

Andrew Biszczak is running from Adelaide to Brisbane via Macksville for charity

Andrew Biszczak is running from Adelaide to Brisbane via Macksville for charity

Andrew Biszczak will flutter by Macksville on July 24 on his way to turn 3000km into a million dollars for the Butterfly Children of Australia.

The South Australian man and his wife have sold their family home and all they possess to raise the desperately needed funds and awareness for a little known and incurable skin disease.

The pair promised to do what they could after being inspired to act by young Kate Turner, a long-term battler, who sadly passed away from the disease.

Andrew started running from Kate’s home in Adelaide and will finish in Brisbane as part of ‘The Million Dollar Run’ campaign to help find a cure for people with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

Children with the disease are often called “Butterfly Children” because their skin is as delicate as butterfly wings.

“They live their entire lives in constant, unimaginable pain - where their skin blisters at the slightest touch,” Andrew said.

“There is no cure as yet and with only around 1000 sufferers in Australia, there is also no direct government funding either.”

Andrew said he wouldn’t be able to do the campaign without his wife Sonia and daughter Tiffany, 9, who are driving behind Andrew all the way to Brisbane.

All funds raised during ‘The Million Dollar Run’ will go directly to DEBRA Australia, a not-for-profit and largely volunteer-based organisation that supports people living with EB and works towards funding developments of treatments and a cure.

Andrew will give a brief presentation at 9am on July 24 at St Patrick’s Primary School before he continues his journey northwards.

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