Shark swims under competitors at surf contest | Video

Competitors at the surf contest on Crescent Head beach.

Competitors at the surf contest on Crescent Head beach.

A reported 2.5m long shark swam under competitors and delayed the Crescent Head Malibu Club’s surf competition at 11.45am.

Four competitors were in the water at the time, including Mark Fuller, who was stunned at the size of the shark.

“I couldn’t believe it, my mate said there was a shark next to me and I thought it didn’t look that big,” Mr Fuller said.

“Next thing I paddle over a bit closer and the back fins popped out and I thought it is 2.5 metres, I think I will go in.”

The competitors waved to get the attention of the jet ski before paddling to shore.

Early this morning a tagged great white shark has was detected at Crescent Head beach.

According to the Dorsal app, a tagged great white shark was detected at 9.30am by the Crescent Head receiver. 

The shark was of an unspecified length. 

The Dorsal App crowd sources information about shark sightings, as well as receiving information from authorities such as the Department of Primary Industries. 

After a short delay, the competition has resumed.