Macksville thriving as part of Nambucca Valley

WITH reference to the letter to the editor from Neville McDonald, it is important that such a letter does not go unanswered.

For years there has been parochialism between Nambucca Heads and Macksville – it is something of which many have been aware although, at the same time, many have yearned for the Nambucca Shire to be united.

How sad it is to read such a letter as Mr McDonald’s which makes claims that “Nambucca Heads, Valla Beach and Bowraville are the growing towns in the council area so why is our elected council going to spend the majority of the grants from the State Government on the slowly dying and painful death of Macksville?”

Yet Macksville’s future has never been brighter.

The Nambucca River which passes through the heart of Macksville is the envy of many; properties are selling within weeks - even days - of being placed on the market; and there is a growing number of people who mix commuting to Sydney and working from home for a living so that they can enjoy the majesty of Macksville and surrounding areas. Jobs continue to grow in the industrial area and with other developments.

The showground continues to attract events which bring people to the area to fill the motels and caravan parks. People are being attracted to the area to foster their interest in horse sports and the showground plays an important role by providing suitable amenities.

Macksville has excellent sporting facilities which include the recreational centre (a fabulous venue), the basketball courts, the tennis courts, the football field, the skate park, the golf course and bowling greens etc.

The local ex-services club is a great supporter of sporting clubs. There is an excellent aquatic centre which includes an Olympic swimming pool, a hydrotherapy pool and a heavily patronised gymnasium – all of which were instigated by local business people who raised money to help establish these facilities.

Macksville is fortunate to have been the beneficiary of those who are not parochial and not afraid to get their hands dirty. Members from the Rotary Clubs of both Macksville and Nambucca have toiled for hours to create valuable facilities on the river bank – as have members of the Lions Club - just like the volunteers from Joan’s Volunteer Garden Army who for over 20 years have worked tirelessly establishing gardens and tending pot plants around the town. The only funding these volunteer gardeners receive are the contributions made by local businesses – the same businesses who contribute funds to the Nambucca District Town Band.

Macksville is also fortunate to have business people who are confident and committed to Macksville’s future – particularly for jobs. Local businesses are willing to support those in distress as we saw recently with the benefit for one of the local businessmen who was injured, as well as supporting a local business man’s annual fundraiser for Give Me 5 for Kids.

But the best part about Macksville is that it will soon become even more desirable as the clogged highway is taken away from the town, but with the Bald Hill interchange and the northern ramps, will still be easily and quickly accessed.

“Slowly dying” – “lost cause”? Just watch this space … and let’s hope the Nambucca Shire will be united in taking advantage of the opportunities ahead – together we have so much to offer.

Barry Reed, Macksville