Retirees in Bowraville want shade in their main street

The need for shade trees in the main street of Bowraville has not gone away and last week resident Leona Bush reminded Nambucca Shire councillors of it once again.

Ms Bush presented her case Thursday’s council meeting, saying the trees would offer a place where residents could gather to chat or play Scrabble or whatever.

“It is a beautiful town with beautiful people and we, myself and other retirees, want to be able to enjoy it,” Mrs Bush said.

“This summer it was so hot you couldn’t event walk up the street – it is not a question of wanting the trees, we need them.”

She said she was aware of the heritage value of the palm trees currently gracing Bowra St and suggested they could be relocated en-masse to a local park and an appropriate memorial to their World War One history erected alongside them.

Cr Rhonda Hoban said the issue of the trees had been discussed in the past and had completely split the Bowraville community.

She suggested Mrs Bush sound out community organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Ex-Services Club to gauge possible support before any further action is taken.

Mrs Bush also drew attention to the ‘sorry state of Goldie Park’ and invited the councillors to be part of a working bee to clean up the grounds.

“It would be a very good way for people to get to know you – I for one, have not idea who any of you are,” she said.

“Cleaning up that park would really help put our town on the map – it used to be such a beautiful place and now it is disgusting, which is such a waste.”

Council staff noted her comments and ideas.