Over 320 photos by shire photographers featured at the show

Stewards Coral Freeman and Asha Marshall
Stewards Coral Freeman and Asha Marshall

The last week of April was a busy time for the Camera Club, with the reception of photographic entries, cataloguing and then hanging pictures in their individual classes.

Judging took place on April 27 then certificates were made out and attached to the selected photographs.

Finally the Camera Club was ready for the 2017 Macksville Show.

There were some 118 entrants who submitted over 320 photographs and it took quite some arranging to display all the photographs to their best advantage.

The Best in Show shot came from Class One and was a Jan Davidson photograph entitled Thirsty, which was a charming monochrome image.

Jan also was our most successful exhibitor with her set of entries covering classes one to four.

The People’s Choice award went to Linda Appleby for her beautiful shot Bee on White Lavender.  This picture won by a margin of 39 with about one votes cast.

The results by Class are:

Class One 1) Jan Davidson Thirsty,  2) Linda Appleby with Misty Morning and 3) Jan Davidson with Night Grass plus a Highly Commended went to Linda Appleby for her White Tulips.

Class Two) 1) Peter Grace Does this angle make my nose look big; 2) Jan Davidson with Spinner; Highly Commended - Linda Appleby We Can Get Him.

Class Three) 1) Helen Rushton Good Morning; 2) Jan Davidson Ponderosa Mist; 3) Linda Appleby Lantern Hanging; other awards went to Linda Appleby Bee on White Lavender, Jan Davidson’s Kilda Grass, Will Anderson’s Frog On Bracken, Di Sullivan’s The Gift.

Class Four) 1) Jan Davidson Hi! Beautiful, 2)Helen Rushton Eye on You; 3) Peter Grace There’s always room for one more, Jan Davidson got an Encouragement Award for Piggy Pig.

Class 5) 1) Abigail Hazelwood with Full Bloom; 2) Cassandra Ferris with Sunlight, 3) Ayla Allan Meadow, Other awards Cilla Bashforth Shoes and Sunita Burridge with Shade of Ash.

Class 6) 1) Ebony Stride with Dubbo, 2) Sara Johnstone Oh! What a Feeling. Other awards Mark Nash Rest in Peace Lou, Taylor Adair had two with Sibling Love and Blue.

Class 7) 1) Mig Morrison with Terrific Tommy Turtle, 2) Zouga Birse Birds, 3) Arabella Birse Dog on a Rock with other awards going to Jayla Crocker with Marley, Eliza Graham Beautiful Flower, Hannah Sharp Feed Me and Erin Eadie Lazy Cat.

Class 8) 1) Sherralee McFadden with Boat Harbour Beauty, Melissa Nabarro Time To Relax, Emily Stuart with Sunset by the Water. An Encouragement Award went to Mellissa Nabarro for Choices.

Class 9) 1) Sally Pruit with Sand Balls, 2) Will Anderson Fly on a Grass Seed, 3) Luca Elgan Needs Grasshopper Six and Melissa Nabarro with Tulip had an Encouragement Award.

Class 10 1) Jan Davidson Jetty Beach and 2) Helen Rushton Remember the Anzacs were the winners.

The Camera Club must also thank the Show Ground and Pavilion Committees for all their help.

Thanks must to all those who sponsored us – your support is very much valued. And thanks to all those members who helped with the display - it was a very fine effort.

Finally after some seven or eight years of being the Club’s Steward for the Show my body tells me I should be taking it a lot easier so I look back with a deal of satisfaction on what we have achieved and leave the running of the Photographic part of the Show in very good hands.

We would also like to invite all interested photographers to join with us our next meeting at the Faringdon Community Hall, Sunday May 28, 6pm.

Thanks and farewell.