Learner driver clocked at 142kph at Valla

Senior police are pleading with drivers to slow down and be patient as heavy traffic is expected with many holiday-goers returning home today.

The call comes after people continue to put their lives at risk with dangerous behaviour, including a learner driver caught driving faster than 140kph at Valla.

The 21-year-old man with a Learner licence was detected allegedly driving at 142kph and not displaying L-plates on the Pacific Highway, Valla, about 9.45am on Sunday. He had his licence suspended on the spot and was issued an infringement for exceeding the speed limit by more than 45kph.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, of the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command, said people need to slow down on their return home, to ensure the safety of all road users.

“Police continue to be out in force today – spending their day away from their own family and friends – in order to keep people safe on the roads,” Asst Comm Corboy said.

“As people return from their long-weekend holidays; the last thing we want is to see is a tragic scene where someone has lost their life or killed another, simply because they are rushing.

“Three people have already died during this long weekend. With a combination of heavy traffic and people not obeying the law, I fear that we could see more people die on our roads.

“Please slow down, it is more important to get you and your family home safe, than to not get home at all.”

Operation Tortoise – the Easter long-weekend traffic operation – began at 12.01am on Thursday and ends at 11.59pm today. Double-demerits will be in force throughout the operation.