Macksville's Steve Wood's slow recovery

IT’S WAIT, see, hope and work – as a favourite son of the Valley, Steve Wood, recovers from a shocking tractor accident.

WALK IN THE WOODS: A bowls and golf benefit day for Steve was held at Macksville Country Club on Sunday

WALK IN THE WOODS: A bowls and golf benefit day for Steve was held at Macksville Country Club on Sunday

And while it’s not all positive news, there have been minor improvements to Steve’s condition.

“It’s too early to know whether he's going to walk again or use his arms again,” a family friend told the Guardian.

“He has a bit of movement in the lower part of his legs and he’s just starting to get a bit of movement in his hand.”

Steve was working on his property at Congarinni when the tractor he was driving overturned and rolled down a steep embankment.

He was found at the bottom of a 45-degree embankment and once paramedics had stabilised him at the scene, he was airlifted to hospital.

Despite suffering severe spinal injuries, Steve is said to be in good spirits.

“That’s the one thing keeping him going,” the family friend said.

““He's in the spinal ward and he's working forward in a very positive manner.

“He’s going to rehab a lot now, where he’s working hard – but it’s going to be a long, slow road.

“His determination will see him through I think.”

Steve’s injuries were quite severe, however the full extent of the damage cannot yet be determined.

“How bad he's going to be and how good, they don't have any idea at this stage,” he said.

“His injuries were really bad, he did everything bar sever the spinal cord, so there’s a lot of damage there, and plenty of bruising.

“Until it and the swelling goes down, we’re not really going to know.

“Each week there has been some little improvement, while that keeps happening we'll keep positive.”

The local community has banded together in a number of ways to help support Steve and his family, holding fundraisers and benefit days.

The most recent, a bowls and golf day at Macksville Country Club on the weekend on Sunday, drew a big crowd. 

Organisers hailed the day a major success with participants playing bowls, golf and darts to support the cause.

“The whole family can't believe it and just so humbled by it,” he said.

“I've never seen anything like it – the community has been outstanding … and we’re all so appreciative.”

  • Photos from the fundraiser, pages 8 and 9.