Romance on the horizon

Fellas, take note – proposing in a hot air balloon above lush green vineyards is a bona fide winner.

And it’s becoming a semi-regular occurrence for Barossa Balloon Adventures’ Justin Stein – so much so, that he’s had a banner printed especially for the occasion.

“It’s just something I offer my customers, there’s no extra charge,” Mr Stein said.

“Some guys want to use it, some prefer to do it quietly.”

The latest groom-to-be to take up the banner option was Royal Park’s James Lunn on Saturday – and his now fiance, Shelley James, didn’t let the team down.

“So far, they’ve all said yes,” Mr Stein said.

"We’ve never had to dangle anyone by their knees yet"

Justin Stein

For those blokes considering a romantic proposal in the skies above the Barossa, Mr Stein said the process is fairly simple.

“Generally the guy rings up and says he wants to propose while we’re up there.

“I give them the option of using the banner and, if they want to do that, once we’ve taken off I radio to the crew once I can see a good location coming up. They’ll get in front of me and as we go past, they’ll unravel the banner.

“The bloke then generally gets down on one knee and then there’s tears and hugs all round.

“It’s a special experience for the other passengers too, who get to congratulate the couple, check out the ring...”

Saturday’s proposal took place just after the balloon had taken off near Greenock, with a full flight of 16 passengers on board to witness the special moment.