Loggerhead turtle Sarah to be released back into the ocean

Sarah the loggerhead turtle
Sarah the loggerhead turtle

A LARGE and endangered loggerhead sea turtle named Sarah will return to life in the ocean next week following several months of rehabilitation at Dolphin Marine Magic (DMM).

Sarah, who weighs close to 80kgs and is around 60-70 years old, was originally rescued by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service at Scotts Head.

After months of care she is now able to dive and swim and has been given a clean bill of health by DMM veterinarian Dr Duan March.

DMM curator Greg Pickering said loggerhead turtles are just one of the species found in waters locally – however are less common than other turtles.

“To have a loggerhead of Sarah’s size and age come into care is something really special and we are glad that we were able to save her life and now return her to the ocean.”

Provided the weather co-operates, DMM plans to release Sarah from the Scotts Head Main Beach at 9am on Saturday.

Mr Pickering said it is likely Sarah is a “resident” turtle who lives permanently in the Scotts Head area.

“Because of this we are returning her to this location to an area that should be familiar to her.”

Anyone interested in meeting Sarah and watching her release are invited to meet at Scotts Head Main Beach near the surf club from 8.30am on Saturday.

The event will also be accompanied by a sausage sizzle and other activities fundraising for the Coffs Harbour Animal Rescue Trust (CHART) who are raising money to build a dedicated native wildlife hospital for the region and supporting research into wildlife disease.