Noise assessment of Frederickton to Eungai stretch

The post-construction operational noise report for the Frederickton to Eungai Pacific Highway upgrade is now available for the community to review.

Roads and Maritime Services engaged Wilkinson Murray Pty Ltd to carry out the assessment after the jointly funded $675 million, 26 kilometre upgrade opened to traffic in May last year.

Noise monitoring was carried out in August and September 2016 at various locations throughout the project to compare actual noise levels against the predicted noise levels used in the project design.

The monitoring also examined the effectiveness of mitigation measures in place to determine if further action was needed.

The assessment found operational noise levels closely matched the predicted noise levels across all locations on the project and met the environmental criteria for road traffic noise for new freeways.

Project staff will be contacting individual property owners to discuss the outcome of the post construction road noise monitoring.

The noise reports have been reviewed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority and Department of Planning and Environment to ensure regulatory requirements have been met.

The reports are available on the project website at .