A guide to responsible and safe fishing

Photo: Sydney Morning Herald
Photo: Sydney Morning Herald

NOT MUCH fishing has been going on over the past week. With the big swell and strong winds everyone has been stuck at home unable to get out fishing.

Not all is lost though, because we know that all this action will stir up the water, move the baitfish around and create cover for the predators.

While the fishing will be good when the water is rough, it is a time when fishing can become the most dangerous.

Taking the right precautions is paramount as no fish is worth losing your life.

Care for your own safety and never take undue risks when fishing: even when fighting fish or trying to retrieve tackle.

Never enter the water to retrieve lost tackle or snagged fish.

If the location looks dangerous, don't fish there. 

Picking the right spot is the most important, making sure that the area you are fishing is not getting pounded by waves and picking a good safe platform are the first steps to success.

Observe first, fish later: always check weather and water conditions before you start fishing and inform others of your fishing plans, letting friends or family know where you are headed and how long you intend to be.

The footwear you choose is often overlooked, but it’s one of the most important elements you need to think about. Thongs, volleys and work boots are common and cause many falls and I would say they would be the cause of many drownings.

Alcohol is another no-no. When fishing near dangerous surf it just impairs judgement way too much.

A great piece of equipment is a life vest designed for rock fishing, allowing you to swim to safety rather than bob up and down like a cork eventually washing onto the rocks.