Letter to the editor: Right time, wrong place for NBN box

AFTER receiving a letter in our mailbox the NBN network told us they would be placing a telecommunications ‘node’ almost in the middle of our front lawn.

The nodes are said to service between 300 – 400 properties. It measures 1200cm high, 1100cm wide and 550cm deep. There will also be a concrete bed below it that measures another 30cm around the node.

We’ve been told it will be placed four metres from the curb, supposedly on council land, but it is only five metres from our bedroom window. Real estate agents have told us that it will devalue our home by thousands.

We phoned the NBN and they gave us a case number and later that week sent us an email thanking us for taking the time to outline our concerns about the installation, but they were not in a position to relocate the node on the basis of its aesthetic impact on our property. We’ve been told the case of us trying to change the location is closed.

We tried to contact them again, but to no avail. They won’t answer calls or emails. We just wanted to talk to someone in a higher position rather than the case adviser and find out when this monstrosity would be placed on our lawn.

We have a shed in the industrial estate at Macksville and guess what? We also received a letter to say a node would be placed there as well. How lucky are we? However, we can’t win the lottery!

It makes us so angry that they don’t care and won’t place it somewhere less intrusive. We have contacted our local Federal Member, solicitor and Consumer Affairs, but no one has any answers. Not happy, Jan!

Jo Lane

Scotts Head

Pictured above: An example of the appearance of an NBN node.