Touch football: NSW Junior State Cup hits Port Macquarie

Macksville Falcons players at a recent hit out. Photo Facebook
Macksville Falcons players at a recent hit out. Photo Facebook

IT is that time of year again when more than 17,000 visitors converge on the Hastings for the annual Junior State Cup.

With 1237 games to be played, the NSW Touch Association once again brings the biggest representative touch football event in the world to the area this weekend.

NSWTA general manager Dean Russell said for the first time in the event, each club will only have one side playing in each age division.

It is instead of the two which had previously been allowed.

“We were disappointed to have to make that decision, but in some realm we’re probably a victim of our own successes with the event,” he said.

With warm temperatures forecast over the weekend, the general manager said measures were in place to modify the tournament if required.

“If we get to 32 degrees we really need to look at possible restructure of games,” Russell said.

“Rather than playing in our current format of 25 minutes straight, we may need to alter that by providing a break mid-term.

“If it gets beyond 36 we really have to consider calling a halt to play.

“We were very thankful we weren’t up here last weekend because it was 44 degrees and there was no way we would have been playing.”

The 2017 Junior State Cup will see 340 teams representing 46 affiliates across the state compete for the title and prestige to become state champions in 10 divisions.

It will require 400 referees to officiate games over the three days.

Manly Warringah Touch Association will be looking to win an unprecedented seventh consecutive Club Championship in 2017.

Games commence at 8.30am Friday morning and progress through the finals on Sunday which will commence from 2.30pm.

The prestigious girls 18s and boys 18s will be played at 3pm and 3.30pm respectively.

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