New Crescent Head footbridge construction begins: photos

Crescent Head resident Erica Bellis reckons the new footbridge over Killick Creek will have to be pretty special to replace the old one.

Kempsey Shire Council began construction on the new bridge on Wednesday October 12 after waiting months for a piling contractor to become available following the June storms.

“The footbridge is a massive monument of Crescent Head,” Ms Bellis said. “Everyone who has been here can recognise our iconic bridge –  it’s been photographed so many times.”

“If they are moving and replacing the bridge it will have to be a magnificent creation!”

Council Director of Infrastructure Robert Scott said the new bridge, located just north of the existing one, will be similar in shape and design.

"We have looked to retain the character and charm of the bridge but will be making it wider and using modern and safety compliant decking materials,” Mr Scott said.

"Support piles are being driven into the sand this week on both sides of the Creek. Once this is done we can build each section of the bridge. 

“The old bridge will remain operational during the expected six weeks of construction, ensuring there is access to the beach. There will be cranes and other machinery onsite so any pedestrians should stick to the marked paths and stay away from the construction area.”

Council staff also removed the swing set in the nearby reserve to allow for a construction compound. New swings will be installed closer to the existing playground next month.

Ms Bellis said residents would appreciate an upgrade of the swings and the reserve.

“Seeing the swings go was a shock at first because they hold sentimental value for many people around here,” she said. “That said, I think giving the park the face lift it needs and deserves will make Crescent an even more desirable destination.”

This story Bridge of memories replaced first appeared on The Macleay Argus.