Life of a crime fighter

DETECTIVE Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin (pictured) is known to many readers as the police officer working closely with the families of the three murdered Bowraville children in their fight for justice.

He is also investigating the disappearance of Kendall toddler William Tyrrell.

As a homicide detective, he has been called to many murder scenes and dealt with many shady characters.

So how does dealing with so much violence and grief impact on him personally? 

How does he take care of his own well-being alongside the enormous pressures and unpredictable nature of his job?

Gary Jubelin sat down with Guardian News journalist Ute Schulenberg to discuss his work, his personal life and his passion for his job.

The story is the feature interview in the next edition of MNC Now, the quarterly magazine that will be inserted in your copy of the Guardian on April 7.